Grand Opening: Valley Forge Biblical Counseling Center

The Collegeville community and the surrounding area have a new friend: Valley Forge Biblical Counseling Center (VFBCC).  In existence for more than 15 years as a ministry of Valley Forge Baptist, the VFBCC has expanded its services to more directly meet the spiritual, mental, and emotional needs of the community through a newly renovated stand-alone counseling center on the campus of Valley Forge Baptist.  The center is located near the Black Rock Road entrance at the rear of the church property, a short distance from the corner of Rt. 113 and Black Rock Road.

VFBCC has three main goals:

  • Help individuals struggling with various life events to be strengthened and find their way back to a healthy, well-balanced life.
  • Provide a truly Christian alternative to secular counseling facilities by following a biblical approach to meeting people’s spiritual, mental, and emotional needs.
  • Become a training center for those who want to learn how to counsel others using the timeless truths of God’s Word as the primary source of help and hope.

As the Pastor of Family Ministries and Counseling for the past 15 years, I have seen a growing need for the local church to reach into the community with a message of help, hope, and healing. Our desire is to minister to people of all races, nationalities, and religious backgrounds to help them overcome the increasing various adversities and stresses that stem from our culture and life itself. We are committed to providing the practical message of hope and encouragement to hurting people, an outreach for which the church has been historically responsible.  What better way to care for the community than to have a counseling center dedicated to the principles of God’s Word to help people find inner peace and restore hope to their hurting hearts?  After all, it was Jesus, himself, who said, ‘Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ (Matthew 11:28).  VFBCC is committed to just such a compassionate ministry.

With the increasing social, emotional, and financial stresses plaguing our society during the past decade, along with war and the threat of terrorism, a sustained recession, high rates of unemployment, a changing value system, and a decrease in church attendance, is it any wonder that suicides are on the rise and the number of people on antidepressants has skyrocketed so that these drugs have become the second most prescribed in the nation behind cardiovascular medicines for reducing cholesterol?   America’s communities need spiritual help!

We have counselors certified in biblical counseling through a national agency called NANC (National Association of Nouthetic Counselors). VFBCC is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, so counseling fees will be kept at a minimum cost.  You may contact the center by calling toll free (866) 828-9667 or by finding us on the web at We look forward to serving you and meeting your counseling needs.



Article by Lamar Eifert

Director of the Valley Forge Biblical Counseling Center

The Most Basic Needs of Teens

Most likely you or someone you know has had to deal with a distressed teenager at some time or another. Let’s face it; our American culture has taken its toll on the emotional health and well-being of our teens. They face pressures today that put them on the brink of emotional breakdown. Consider some of the most common stressors that lead to mental, emotional, and spiritual overload.

Divorce of parents/broken families
Breakup in a relationship with the opposite gender
Rejection from peers
Dissatisfaction with body size and shape
Lack of academic or athletic ability
Unhealthy friendships

The list could go on, but any one of the above pressures alone could drive a teen toward harmful behaviors and habits such as depression, anger, cutting, substance abuse, sexual activity, fear, defiance of authority, truancy, poor academics, and threats of suicide. When we read this alarming list, we react with urgency for our teens to find a way to stop these behaviors as quickly as possible, and rightfully so; they are destructive. But if we analyze the situation a bit further, we can conclude that this list is just a litany of symptoms representing a deeper problem.
Underlying all these symptoms (produced from life’s pressures) is a deep-seated need in every human being on the planet. It is not costly to meet this need. It is not difficult to provide (or shouldn’t be). It does not necessarily require the honed skill of a trained professional to infuse hope into struggling teens in order to turn them around. It is basic and simple but profoundly foundational to all people everywhere, and especially teenagers. What is this basic need? The need to be accepted.

Teens are in the unique stage of life in which the need to “fit in,” be accepted, or find some sort of social standing among their peers is paramount to their existence. Most teens will trade in their moral standards, family values, academic success, and even plain old common sense in order to win the ultimate prize of acceptance from their peers. It is vital for parents to recognize this need so they can help their teen through this stage of life. Parents must provide unconditional love, a listening ear, quality time, and meaningful communication to help bolster their teen’s need for acceptance. Parents must also provide boundaries, guidelines, and even punitive consequences when their teen violates a family policy. This provides a sense of security that helps define the family social structure of which the teenager is a part. Further, parents must be consistent in holding their teens accountable to these desired boundaries.

Article by Lamar Eifert
Associate Pastor | Valley Forge Baptist