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Seasons of Life

Did you find yourself this winter standing inside your house by the window, gazing out at the endless white and wishing for the vivid hues of yellow, orange, blue, green, etc. to envelop your senses? For those of you who may struggle with seasonal allergies, you may resoundingly say “NO!” For the rest of us, […]

God’s Plans

Three surgeries in eight days. Thirteen days in a coma. Eighty-six days in the hospital; fifty-eight of them in the intensive care unit. Missed our daughter’s wedding. Written off by the doctors. Hundreds of people praying. At death’s door. But God had other plans. What was meant to be a “routine” surgery quickly turned into […]

What Is a Church Supposed to Do?

A mission statement has become a popular tool for businesses to clearly communicate the purpose of their existence. Here are a few of the mission statements of some of the largest companies in the world: Google: Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Facebook: Facebook’s mission is to give people […]

When You Don’t Know Where the Pieces Go

There are many great things about babysitting. You have an opportunity to invest in someone’s life for just a few moments. There is an opportunity for you to be the “cool” and “fun” person for the day. You are genuinely wanted and needed by another person. Plus, no matter how great or badly the day […]

Kim Phu Phan Thi: Spreading the Message of Forgiveness

Article Re-posted with permission of The Pottstown Mercury The worst day of Kim Phuc Phan Thi’s life was captured in a photograph. “Someone began screaming, ‘Too hot! Too hot!” Kim Phuc, now 50, told the Valley Forge Baptist Temple congregation Sunday during a nighttime service. “That someone was me.”A South Vietnamese warplane mistakenly dropped four […]

An Old Man with a Young Man’s Problem

What do you see yourself doing at 85 years old?  The vast majority of people who even make it to 85 have retired and are in their convalescent stage. Few are relocating to a new place to live.  Fewer are active in employment.  None are fighting military battles and going to war with the enemy […]

The Challenge of Being Cool

There are many words in the English language that have a definite meaning. For example, “stop” means to cause to cease –– really no argument there. The beauty about the English language is the fact that there are so many words that change based on the context or values of the person saying the words. […]

:01 Second Chance

You’ve seen the scene—tens of thousands of screaming college students and parents—bundled up, huddled up, and always somewhere in the crowd is a wildly crazy group of shirtless guys painted in school colors, jumping up and down in the frigid cold and cheering. It’s Saturday afternoon college football, and few sporting events rise to its […]

How Does Church Help Me?

A  lot of people say, “I want to be a Christian but I don’t need a church.” That’s like saying, “I want to play football in the NFL but not be on any team…. I want to be a soldier but not have a platoon…. I want to play a French horn but not be […]

Navigating the Digital Storm

ight now on the floor of the bedroom sits a black plastic milk crate. My wife came in and put it on my side of the bed and declared, “You’ve gotta do something with this.” I groaned in my spirit, because I knew this day was coming. You see, this isn’t any normal milk crate. […]